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Ransomware Hack Targeting 2 Million an Hour

New submitter Zorro writes: A ransomware attack sweeping the globe right now is launching about 8,000 different versions of the virus script at Barracuda's customers, Eugene Weiss, lead platform architect at Barracuda, told Axios, and it's hitting at a steady rate of about 2 million attacks per hour...

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Hope, Despair Descend On Quake-Shattered School In Mexico City

The elementary school partly collapsed during Tuesday's earthquake, burying both students and teachers. In the aftermath, rescue workers and volunteers have struggled to save lives and preserve hope. (read more)

Researchers think a full 'bodyNET' is the platform of the future

Researchers at Stanford University published an article proposing a top-to-bottom body technology platform as the next evolution in tech.

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Norwegian Air Has Apparently Been Using An Interesting Image To Entice People To Travel To America

This is offensive!-ly accurate.

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Plan A Pumpkin-Filled Picnic And We'll Tell You Which "GoT" House You Belong In

It's fall, y'all.

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Decorate Your Home For Halloween And We'll Choose Your Costume


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What would be weirder than a bear sitting in traffic? One playing a horn.

A bear plays an instrument while waiting for traffic to pass

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Trump Makes Up Nation Of 'Nambia' While Talking To African Leaders

We think he meant Namibia. Probably.

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Look how smoothly this mini-Rubik's Cube turns

A couple of days ago I mentioned the the MoYu YJ Lingpo 2 x 2 x 2 Speed Cube. I still haven’t solved it, but I wanted to make a quick video to show how smooth it is. The little cubes rotate a…

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Spanish police raid .Cat domain name registry offices - Domain Name Wire

Raid is part of crackdown on Catalonia independence referendum. As reported on DomainIncite and overnight U.S. time, Spanish police have raided the offices of Fundació puntCAT, the registry operator for the .cat domain name. .Cat is a domain name for the Catalonia region and people that speak Catalan. Spanish authorities asked the registry to …

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Jimmy Kimmel Spat Shows Confusion Over Rushed Health Bill’s Effects

The public dispute between TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel and Senate sponsors of a plan to replace Obamacare underscores how little is known about changes the last-ditch proposal would bring to U.S. health care. (read more)

Erdogan Ready to Send More Troops to Syria, Praises Russian Role

Turkey is ready to send more troops into Syria, where it’s working with Russia to bring an end to more than six years of civil war, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. (read more)

Drone delivery startup is about to begin commercial operations

Startup envisions hundreds of drone delivery stations across metro areas.

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Cassidy-Graham bill would cut funding to 34 states, new report shows

The measure intended to replace the Affordable Care Act would cut $215 billion from federal funding of health insurance by 2026.

Washington Post (read more)

The Juggalos Marched For Their Rights This Weekend. Will They March For Yours?

This weekend, the Juggalos made a strong case that they deserve our respect. But like most civil rights movements, they too struggle with intersectionality.

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Literally Just 23 Hilarious Tweets About This Season Of "Big Brother"

"I've never heard somebody say they were a puppet master and win nothing."

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25 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A makeup brush set, shatterproof wineglasses, an expandable carry-on suitcase, and 20 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

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Drake's 'Degrassi' meme appeared in a NYC Parks Department proposal for some reason

That can only mean one thing.

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Goodbye, diesel: Proterra claims its electric bus just drove over 1,000 miles on one charge

Electric busses are ready to take over your local route.

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Manchester United v Burton, Arsenal v Doncaster and more – Carabao Cup live!

Join Scott Murray for all the action as the League Cup third round reaches its conclusion with five more games

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This Hi-Def Video Of The Total Solar Eclipse Is Absolutely Spectacular

Eclipse fever has passed, but it's worth returning to it for a couple of minutes with this stunning, hi-def video of the totality.

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Tim Cook: I'm "personally shocked" there's even a debate on DACA

The Apple CEO spoke out against the president's decision to repeal the program at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum.

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Congress Wants New Rules for Online Political Advertising After Russian Facebook Ads

Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing the Federal Election Commission to develop new rules governing political advertising on social media after Facebook revealed that Russian trolls routinely purchased ads on its platform during the 2016 election cycle.

Gizmodo (read more)

Uber's Legal Fight With Google Could Screw Its Self-Driving Truck Employees

In August 2016, Uber purchased autonomous truck startup Otto in a deal that reportedly called for Otto employees to receive 20 percent of future profits Uber earns from self-driving trucks. It seemed like a nice deal for any startup. But now that lucrative arrangement may be torpedoed, leaving Otto employees who joined Uber to work on trucks in the lurch, according to records filed in Uber’s ongoing legal battle with Google.

Jalopnik (read more)

Voter Fraud? A Trump Nominee Looks Like He Cast an Illegal Ballot

Jeffrey Gerrish, the president’s nominee to be deputy U.S. Trade Representative, is drawing Senate scrutiny for a vote cast in Virginia after he moved to Maryland.

New York Times (read more)

Google Is Close to Buying HTC Assets to Bolster Hardware

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is close to acquiring assets from Taiwan’s HTC Corp., according to a person familiar with the situation, in a bid to bolster the internet giant’s nascent hardware business. (read more)

Computer Science a Full Bachelor Curriculum

This board is a collection of free online courses that will

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Fixing the ‘Brain Damage’ Caused by the I.P.O. Process

Entrepreneurs are exploring new ways to list companies on exchanges — and placate stock-holding Silicon Valley employees — while avoiding the pitfalls of initial public offerings.

New York Times (read more)

Nest launches a new $349 smart outdoor security camera

Nest today announced its newest camera today: the Nest Cam IQ outdoor. This new outdoor camera brings the features of the company's smart indoor camera to a..

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Transactionally Staged Job Drains in Postgres — Brandur Leach

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Equifax sends breach victims to fake notification site

Mixup shows that even company officials can be fooled by look-alike names.

Ars Technica (read more)

7 dynamic e-commerce experts share their best advice for future entrepreneurs

In today’s world, the trend towards e-commerce has become significant as more entrepreneurs try to create their own online stores. The hard part is knowing which potential factories are most important to focus on in the early stages of your online store. To address these questions, events such as eCommCon, the first ever eCommerce virtual …

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To have a realistic chance at passing, the vote needs to occur before the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Washington Post (read more)

Hurricane Maria confirms dire warnings for 2017 hurricane season

As Hurricane Maria continues to cause destruction, predictions that 2017 could be the worst hurricane season since 2010 are being borne out

New Scientist (read more)