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South Korean President Moon hints at three-way US, North Korea talks

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has teased the possibility of a three-way meeting between the United States, North Korea and South Korea, if a series of upcoming summits is successful.

CNN (read more)

Lenders say executives didn't talk loans with Jared Kushner during White House meetings

Two companies that provided hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Jared Kushner's family's business are disputing any connection between those deals and meetings their executives had with Kushner at the White House.

CNN (read more)

George excited to hear of Hayward's progress

Thunder forward Paul George, who has lent support from afar throughout Gordon Hayward's recovery from a gruesome opening-night ankle injury, said he's excited to hear about the Celtics forward's progress. (read more)

UK to get first glimpse of polar bear cub

The first polar bear cub to be born in the UK in a quarter of a century will take its first steps in public Wednesday.

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Austin bomber's motive is to cause 'mayhem and death'

Two more incidents Tuesday left Austin residents on edge and authorities searching for clues.

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What Netflix Streaming Might've Looked Like If It Existed In The Mid-'90s

Honestly? The site could use more unnecessary GIFs and scrolling text.

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Guillermo Haro spotted supernovae and flare stars in the night sky

Wednesday’s Google Doodle honors the pioneering Mexican astronomer.

Vox (read more)

Spring nor’easter could bury NYC in 15 inches of snow

March came in like a lion, and has turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A spring storm is expected to dump as much as 15 inches of snow on the Big Apple on Wednesday — leaving New Yorkers wondering if …

New York Post (read more)

Scientist at centre of Facebook scandal didn't think data would be used to target voters

"I found out about Donald Trump just like everybody else, through the news."

Mashable (read more)

Illinois primary election: anti-abortion Democrat wins close congressional fight

Seven-term incumbent Dan Lipinski faced first serious challenge from progressive Marie Newman, who has refused to concede

the Guardian (read more)

Myanmar President Htin Kyaw resigns

Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw, one of the most loyal allies of the country's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, is resigning due to ill health, according to the government.

CNN (read more)

Gov. Scott offers to send extra officers to Parkland school

Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday offered to provide extra security at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Florida, more than a month after a mass shooting on the campus.

CNN (read more)

What you should know about the March for Our Lives

Survivors of last month's deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, are preparing to take their fight for stricter gun control laws to Washington.

CNN (read more)

A judge asks basic questions about climate change. We answer them

California judge William Alsup put out a list of questions for a climate change ‘tutorial’ in a global warming case

the Guardian (read more)

Billionaire James Packer resigns from Crown Resorts for 'personal reasons'

The business mogul has been caught up in a major corruption investigation tied to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

CNNMoney (read more)

Why Trump won't call Putin's election win a 'sham'

Donald Trump doesn't care what anyone thinks about his puzzling relationship with Vladimir Putin -- that includes his own foreign policy team, Republican senators and US allies.

CNN (read more)

Tonga bans schoolgirls from rugby and boxing 'to preserve dignity'

Order from education minister criticised as sexist, but government blames disruption caused by Cyclone Gita

the Guardian (read more)

U.S. Starter Homes Are Pricier, Smaller, Older – and Scarcer

Homebuyers in the U.S. have plenty to grouse about these days. Prices have climbed steeply in many metro areas, mortgage rates are rising and inventory is thin. But for people looking to purchase their first home, it’s ugly out there. (read more)

Congress Stymied on $1.3 Trillion Bill as Another Shutdown Nears

Congressional Republicans missed another target to unveil a $1.3 trillion spending bill, as talks continued early Wednesday with just days remaining for House and Senate votes to avert a third government shutdown this year. (read more)

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: Here's what you need to know

Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) and its data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica have both been suspended from Facebook after each “gained access to information” without the consent of certain individuals. And if the latter name sounds familiar, it should; but we’ll get to that in a moment. The story is a complicated one. At its surface …

The Next Web (read more)

The Thunder had no business losing to the Celtics

OKC’s demoralizing loss to Boston could impact its playoff standing. (read more)

Santa Clarita Diet Is About More Than a Flesh-Eating Realtor, Says Drew Barrymore

“I think I just got lucky in an unlucky time. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me,” the star adds.

HWD (read more)

NYC School Closings: Spring Snowstorm Gives Kids A Snow Day

A new storm could dump 16 inches of snow on New York City.

West Village, NY Patch (read more)

Toyota halts self-driving car tests after Uber-related death

The Japanese car company said it would temporarily suspend testing of its 'Chauffeur' autonomous driving system.

CNNMoney (read more)

He hid her naked body after punching her to death, but his 'cooperation' saw him jailed for manslaughter

A man is jailed for nine years for the manslaughter of his former partner Leeann Lapham in far north Queensland.

ABC News (read more)

Weirdly, the Rampage Director's Problem With the Game's Story Wasn't That It Barely Existed

Video game movie adaptations have had a rocky history—whether or not they adhere to the fiction of the games their inspired by, or do something totally different and just slap the source material’s name on it. But apparently, Rampage director Brad Peyton refused to even sign on if the movie even considered going with the arcade classic’s original premise.

io9 (read more)

ANZ says 'processing errors' to blame for it overcharging customers by $90 million

ANZ tells the banking royal commission that continued processing errors saw it charge customers the wrong amount of interest and fees on their home loans to the tune of at least $90 million.

ABC News (read more)

Journalist ordered to transcribe notes of conversations with Pell's alleged victims

ABC journalist Louise Milligan is ordered to transcribe shorthand notes of conversations she had with Cardinal George Pell's alleged victims.

ABC News (read more)

Illinois Republican governor narrowly defeats pro-Trump primary challenger

Gov. Bruce Rauner now heads into November's general election as one of the most endangered governors in the nation.

Washington Post (read more)

FEMA Apparently Just Logged Off During Hurricane Maria

An AP report on Tuesday confirmed what we already mostly knew about Hurricane Maria: FEMA didn’t do shit for Puerto Rico, even when people were begging the agency for help.

Splinter (read more)

Robots Are Trying To Pick Strawberries. So Far, They're Not Very Good At It

Strawberry growers are so worried about the farmworker shortage that they're testing a strawberry-picking robot. But while picking strawberries is easy for humans, machines struggle with the task. (read more)

Jacksonville tornado upgraded to EF-3 with 140 mph winds, NWS says

So far nine tornadoes have been confirmed from Monday's storms (read more)

Daniel Bryan cleared for WWE return after concussion-related retirement

The popular former champion was announced by the WWE as having been medically cleared by a panel of specialists, and he basked in chants of “Yes!” on “SmackDown."

Washington Post (read more)

Storms strike Jacksonville State University in Alabama, leave trail of damage across South

ALABAMA -- With violent weather plowing through the Southeast, the kitchen windows exploded at Richard Brasher's home in eastern Alabama. Using couch cushions for protection, Brasher hid in the bathtub with his wife, daughter and two grandchildren as the storm passed near Jacksonville State University. The roar was terrifying, Brasher said: "I thought we were gone," he said. (read more)

Korver excused from team after brother's death

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyle Korver is excused from Wednesday's game against the Toronto Raptors to be with his family after his brother, Kirk, died Tuesday, the team announced in a statement. (read more)

Reports: Texas Bomber May Have Engineering Background, But Has Left Growing Forensic Trail

The sophistication of the package bombs that keep on detonating throughout the cities of Austin and San Antonio in Texas has authorities and experts concerned that the perpetrator is not an amateur, USA Today reported on Tuesday. But engineer or not, they are leaving a growing trail of evidence like an undetonated bomb left at a FedEx location.

Gizmodo (read more)