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IBM's AI Can Predict Schizophrenia With 74 Percent Accuracy By Looking at the Brain's Blood Flow

Andrew Tarantola reports via Engadget: Schizophrenia is not a particularly common mental health disorder in America, affecting just 1.2 percent of the population or around 3.2 million people, but its effects can be debilitating. However, pioneering research conducted by IBM and the University of Al...

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'American Horror Story' announces Season 7 title

AHS will hone in on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

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Israel bars men under 50 from entering Jerusalem's Old City for prayers

Israeli police have barred male worshipers under 50 from entering the Old City of Jerusalem and Temple Mount, also known as the Noble Sanctuary, for Friday prayers following last week's fatal shooting.

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Costume Jewelry Designer Kenneth Jay Lane Dies At 85

Lane designed costume jewelry for Hollywood stars, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and viewers of TV's shopping channel QVC. Many women wore his fakes, or "faque," as he pronounced it with their real gems. (read more)

Trump reportedly exploring ways to hamper Russia probe, pardon himself

The US President and his legal team are exploring ways to hamper the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia and, in a worst-case scenario, nullify the repercussions, according to reports.

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People Are Sharing The Hard Times They Got Through Because Of Chester Bennington And Linkin Park

"Chester Bennington's voice was the only thing that got me through my worst times. It got me through from being a wrist slasher to a believer."

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Dashing Prince Harry takes part in RAF ceremony

Prince Harry, 32, visited RAF Honington, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, to present the Colour to the RAF Regiment on behalf of The Queen. The royal looked dashing in his military uniform.

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Yazidi sex slave kidnapped by ISIS vows to 'take revenge'

Heza Shankal has taken up arms with an all-female resistance group and travelled to Raqqa in Syria to fight after vowing to 'take revenge' against ISIS.

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43 Struggles All Curvy Girls Know Too Damn Well

Jeans that fit perfectly everywhere? Hahahaha, funny joke.

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The Open 2017: second round – live!

Hole-by-hole report: Follow all the action from Royal Birkdale on day two with Scott Murray’s live updates

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Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Have Some Quality Family Time

with Funny Or Die

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Straight Marriage: Date Night

Chris and Kelley's characters perform a typical heterosexual date night.

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Real or not? The Dodgers lost ... no, really, plus Pirates revive their season

The key to beating the red-hot Dodgers is to get a lead on them, while the Pirates look as if they've got a closer and turned their season around. (read more)

Right and Left React to Trump’s Interview, Health Care and More

Read about how the other side thinks: Writers from across the political spectrum react to the political news developments of the week.

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Coq-based synthesis of Scala programs which are correct-by-construction [pdf]

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Empty nesters clogging up public housing availability, new figures find

A large number of people across Australia waiting for housing are unable to find accommodation because larger homes are being occupied by single, elderly people, shows new data.

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Great Filter theory could explain why ET's not answering

As humans continue to search for life in space, some experts speculate the so-called Great Filter theory lies behind why nobody is replying to our call.

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Turia Pitt And Her Fiancé Just Announced They're Having A Baby Boy In The Cutest Way

The best couple ever.

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Can young blood really rejuvenate the old?

Research in mice seems to suggest it can

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At British Open, Caddie Hands Rory McIlroy a Spark

The four-time major champion posted five bogeys in the front nine. Then a pep talk sunk in, and he made four birdies in the back nine.

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Lena Dunham to star in 'American Horror Story' season about US election

“American Horror Story” series creator Ryan Murphy announced Wednesday that “Girls” star and writer Lena Dunham will join the election-subject show for an episode.

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Burundi Teens Missing After Robotics Competition in D.C. Seen Crossing Into Canada

No foul play is suspected

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Baby's first word surprises comic-loving dad

It's too perfect.

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Ten women presenters set to sue the BBC over pay

Women's Hour host Jane Garvey is believed to be leading a group of at least ten female stars in plotting legal action against the BBC in an attempt to narrow the gender pay gap.

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Is This Peak Pickup Truck?

Five of the most interesting ideas of the week, and the stories behind them. (read more)

China’s Got a Huge Artificial Intelligence Plan

China aims to make the artificial intelligence industry a "new, important" driver of economic expansion by 2020, according to a development plan issued by State Council. (read more)

Bat, not drone, to blame for light plane collision

The ATSB finds a light plane most likely hit a bat when coming into land at an Adelaide airport, and not a drone as first thought.

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North Korea facing its worst drought since 2001, UN warns

North Korea is heading for its worst drought since 2001, the United Nations has warned, raising the possibility of increased food shortages in the rogue state.

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RBA hoses down rate-hike talk and Australian dollar

RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle dismisses discussions about neutral' interest rates as insignificant, taking some wind out of the dollar's sails.

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Scaramucci under consideration for White House communications director job

The New York financier is a frequent defender of the president on television and was a fixture at Trump Tower during Trump’s transition.

Washington Post (read more)

Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour'

Beijing’s culture bureau says star has caused ‘discontent among the public’ and his exclusion is needed to ‘purify’ arts

the Guardian (read more)

The Proton Is Lighter Than We Thought

sciencehabit writes from a report via Science Magazine: You can't weigh the universe's smallest particles on a bathroom scale. But in a clever new experiment, physicists have found one such particle -- the proton -- is lighter than previously thought. The researchers found the mass to be 1.007276466...

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Marshall McLuhan, man who ‘saw the internet coming,’ gets his very own Google Doodle

Google’s Doodle have a fondness for celebrating legendary figures, but today’s person of interest feels more appropriate for the venue than most. The company hails Canadian professor, philosopher,...

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Bella Thorne kisses Blackbear's shoulder after partying with Scott

She arrived to LAX on Wednesday wearing an oversized hoodie with his name emblazoned on the front. And one day later, Bella Thorne was spotted planting a kiss on rapper Blackbear's shoulder.

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