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It's the first time in 71 years that the Cubs have made it to the World Series! And the entire night was magical - starting with a National Anthem note being held for 20 seconds, getting a stellar 27 up 27 down pitching performance, having all the Cubs bats come to life, and even including a (drunken?) performance of Take Me Out To The Ball Game by Scottie Pippen.

Here's a recap of the game from the Instagram accounts of the fans who were at the game!

Congrats to the @cubs on making it to the World Series! #flythew with @repostapp ・・・ "As sure as God made green apples, someday, the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in a World Series." - Harry Caray, 1991 (via WGNTV & @baseballtonight)
The most dramatic result of the past seven decades of Cubs baseball unfolded in almost shockingly undramatic fashion. Dexter Fowler, Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist drove in runs early. Willson Contreras homered in the fourth, Anthony Rizzo in the fifth. Sta
27 up, 27 down - We're going to the World Series. There were a whole lot more than 42,000 at the ballpark tonight - Holy Cow
The emotion in wrigley all night was insane. As big as we all thought this would be it's a billion times bigger. 4 more! #flythew
Congrats to the Cubs getting to their first world series in 71 years! Maybe they should start every game with a guy who can hold a note for 20 seconds! #cubbies #gocubsgo #circularbreathing
How 'bout those 2016 Cubs, World Series Bound!
Chad Noble, the @Cubs bullpen catcher is wearing a Hot Dog speedo! He is our true hero and MVP tonight! #hotdogspeedo #wienerscircle #worldseries @pstroop @jgrimm52 @jarrieta49 @miguelmontero26 @_thecubanmissile54
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