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This 17-year-old artist wants you to know his stutter will never hold him back

"You learn to be kinder, give people more time, and know that there is no perfect."

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Robert Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador amid outcry

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe may be one of the longest-serving leaders, but his stint as a goodwill ambassador was anything but.

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LOOK: Astros' Charlie Morton appears to touch chewing gum during Game 7 start

Yankees manager Joe Girardi may have gotten the umps' attention regarding this very matter (read more)

Tillerson Oversees Saudi-Iraq Meeting Amid Push to Counter Iran

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson oversaw the first meeting of a new alliance between Saudi Arabia and Iraq as the U.S. looks to blunt spreading Iranian influence in Iraq and across the Gulf region. (read more)

Inside the World of a Halloween Sound-Effects Artist

Spooky sound effects haven't changed much since we first began rattling chains and crunching leaves.

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A 14-Year-Old Asks: When Should I Get a VPN?

"One of my students sent me this letter," writes Slashdot reader Hasaf. "I have a good idea how I will answer, but I wanted to put it before the Slashdot community." The letter reads: Right now I am 14 years old, I was wondering when I should get a VPN... I was thinking about getting the yearly dea...

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The internet's hunger for weird beauty trends knows no bounds in 2017

Remember squiggle brows?

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Recruitment Blog

Help with resume writing, interview preparation and career advice. Independent recruitment blog of Mark Pearce, Australia

Recruitment Blog | Career Advisor | Resume Writer | Copywriter | Perth (read more)

NeoGAF goes down, owner embroiled in sexual harrassment

The owner of NeoGAF is once again facing sexual harassment accusations

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How creepy YouTube videos trick kids into watching violent videos

Put down the gun, Elsa.

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Your Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Steel, And Other Weird Facts About The Human Body

You can never blow out all of the air in your lungs, your stomach is never empty, and human bodies will never not be crazy.

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Blending Techno And Tradition: You Should Be Dancing ... With Sake

Electronic musician and craft sake maker Richie Hawtin is exploring the connection between the Japanese drink and music, and claims that melding the two results in a "beautifully hypnotic experience." (read more)

'Stranger Things' Season 2 is dropping soon — grab your Eggos

Eleven approves.

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X Factor's Talia reveals she was almost killed by her ex-boyfriend

Behind her smiles, Talia Dean has been hiding a devastating heartache that nearly saw her killed by her ex-boyfriend, who left her for dead after attacking her following a show in Richmond.

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Policeman in Ohio slain in shooting

An Ohio police officer was killed in a shooting Saturday night while responding to a domestic call, authorities said.

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Robert Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador after outcry

World Health Organization chief says he has listened to concerns over appointment of Zimbabwean president

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Globalisation has marginalised many regions in the rich world

What can be done to help them?

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The Tombstone House was built with 2200 discarded gravestones

I bet this Petersburg, Virginia home is the last place local trick-or-treating children want to hit up for candy on Halloween. The Tombstone House” was built in 1934 using the lower half of m…

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Conspiracy theorists – in the Oval Office and out of it – await release of JFK files

Kennedy assassination documents are to be released on Thursday. The weary testimony of experts cannot dampen the ardor of those who say Oswald didn’t do it

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Penn State made everything work. Now it’s Ohio State week.

The Nittany Lions gave themselves only a few minutes to celebrate a domination of a top-20 division rival. (read more)

Simplex Sigillum Veri - Getting the Most out of Sqlite3 with Python

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America Is Waking Up to the Injustice of Cash Bail

Seventy percent of people in jail haven’t been convicted of a crime. They just can’t afford bail.

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After all but defeating the jihadists, Iraq’s army turns on the Kurds

Dreams of an independent Kurdistan are now in tatters

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It's primetime for Amazon and sizzling Dow stocks

The stock market boom has raised expectations for Amazon and the four leaders of the Dow when they report earnings this week. Look to see if Boeing, McDonald's, Caterpillar and Visa can keep carrying the Dow to new heights.

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