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2017 NFL draft takeaways: Why more prospects will skip bowl games

Before the 2018 mocks get out, let's consider bigger-picture lessons from the past three days, including bowl game participation, trades, QBs and more. (read more)

Best and riskiest moves for every team's 2017 NFL draft class

The Houston Texans made one of the best moves in the draft moving up to take Deshaun Watson, while the Cincinnati Bengals took a risk on Joe Mixon. (read more)

Joshua rallies to stop Klitschko in 11th round

In a fight in which both fighters hit the canvas, Anthony Joshua stormed back to defeat Wladimir Klitschko by TKO in the 11th round of their heavyweight title bout Saturday at Wembley Stadium. (read more)

Sources: Nats' Eaton out for year with ACL tear

Nationals center fielder Adam Eaton was diagnosed with a torn left ACL on Saturday and is out for the season, according to multiple reports. (read more)

Browns take troubled Brantley, may release him

Caleb Brantley, the ex-Florida DT facing a simple battery charge, was drafted by the Browns in the sixth round Saturday but then was told the team may release him. (read more)

Celtics coy on Wizards feud but expect 'battle'

The Celtics and Wizards have developed an intense rivalry complete with fines, pokes and a police presence. For Boston guard Marcus Smart, controlling emotions will be key in this playoff series. (read more)

TE Butt could get $2M if draft fall continues

Michigan TE Jake Butt, who tore his ACL in the Orange Bowl, has a $2 million loss-of-value policy that he started collecting insurance on when he wasn't picked in the third round Friday. (read more)

Mets GM: Can't force Syndergaard into MRI

After missing a start Thursday, Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard threw a bullpen session Friday and said he felt great and ready to go on Sunday. (read more)

Mr. Irrelevant: Broncos pick Kelly at No. 253

QB Chad Kelly, who is recovering from wrist and knee injuries and didn't attend the combine because of conduct issues, was the final pick of the 2017 NFL draft. (read more)

Jake Butt calls Broncos pick 'one of the best moments of my life'

Jake Butt likely would have carried a first-round grade had he not suffered a torn right ACL in Michigan's bowl game in January. (read more)

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Beak to Beak

Paruline à croupion jaune / Setophaga coronata / yellow-rumped warbler

Scarlet Sunset

Happy Fence Friday (HFF)- Northern Shrike Style

Above Monument Basin

Summer's Light

..per idee a colori..

Ring-necked duck - Fuligule à collier - Aythya collaris ♂

Tall grass foraging

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Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age

Headless human and animal symbols carved into stone in Turkey tell the story of a devastating comet impact that triggered a mini ice age more than 13,000 years ago

New Scientist (read more)

Marvel at the images from Cassini’s first Grand Finale orbit

The Cassini spacecraft is beginning its final set of daring orbits with breathtaking images of the Saturn system and rings

New Scientist (read more)

Addicted to love? Craving comes in two forms, and both can hurt

The idea that people can be addicted to love is contentious, but a review of 64 studies found evidence for two different but harmful forms of this condition

New Scientist (read more)

DIY gun control: The people taking matters into their own hands

With the Trump administration stripping away firearms legislation, can citizen scientists and technologists rein in the excesses of US gun culture?

New Scientist (read more)

Female dragonflies fake sudden death to avoid male advances

You could almost say they are drop-dead gorgeous: when certain female dragonflies are pursued by unwanted suitors, they deter them by crashing to the ground

New Scientist (read more)

Desk traffic lights show when you’re too busy for interruptions

The FlowLight system tracks how busy workers are on their computers ­– and warns off colleagues if you are not to be disturbed

New Scientist (read more)

Liberals are no strangers to confirmation bias after all

A study shows they would give up the chance to win money to avoid hearing ideas they disagree with. So much for the champions of enlightenment

New Scientist (read more)

Homo naledi is only 250,000 years old – here’s why that matters

The latest species of extinct hominin to be discovered that promised to rewrite our history may have died out as modern humans came about  

New Scientist (read more)

Age verification for online porn will be a security disaster

The UK’s Digital Economy bill will force users to prove their age before they access porn. This is not only hard to do, it’s also a goldmine for blackmailers and hackers

New Scientist (read more)

Creative people physically see and process the world differently

Those who display a high degree of the openness personality trait may be more creative because of the way they process visual information

New Scientist (read more)

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End-of-life care: How to have a better death | The Economist

Death is inevitable. A bad death is not

The Economist (read more)

Daily chart: Donald Trump’s first 100 days | The Economist

The president has sought to divide and conquer America

The Economist (read more)

Johnson: Translation platforms cannot replace humans | The Economist

But they are still astonishingly useful

The Economist (read more)

Francis on the Nile: The pope visits Egypt | The Economist

A visit by Pope Francis will not solve the problems plaguing Egypt’s Christians

The Economist (read more)

Balkan bust-up: Macedonian nationalists storm the parliament to hold on to power | The Economist

A party backed by Russia fears that losing office might mean jail for some of its leaders

The Economist (read more)

Another soggy first quarter: America’s economic growth slows to 0.7% | The Economist

Consumer spending is slowing, but investment is picking up

The Economist (read more)

Friendship and age: The correspondence of Nelle Harper Lee and Wayne Flynt | The Economist

“Mockingbird Songs”, a collection of letters between the novelist and the historian, is a gentle revelation

The Economist (read more)

Religious persecution: Liberty of conscience and worship is in decline around the world | The Economist

Russia and five other countries join a list of offenders compiled by American religious-freedom watchers

The Economist (read more)

Daily chart: What people want at the end of life | The Economist

We conducted a survey in four countries to find out

The Economist (read more)