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LeBron doubles down on talking social issues

LeBron James made his first public comments Saturday since Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized the Cavaliers star for speaking out on the state of race relations in America and his view of the leadership in the White House. (read more)

OU's Young: 'Getting guarded like nobody else'

Oklahoma's Trae Young, who is just 4-of-27 on 3-point attempts over the past three games, says he's "getting guarded like nobody else in the country." (read more)

Nash, Kidd, Allen among 2018 HOF finalists

Steve Nash, fellow star point guard Jason Kidd, Grant Hill and Ray Allen are among the 13 finalists for induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. (read more)

Mets' Wright to give 'best shot' at playing in '18

Mets veteran David Wright, who is still rehabbing his back and shoulder, is unsure if he'll be able to play this season, but said "I'm going to give it my best shot." (read more)

A's prospect starts fund for Douglas AD's family

A's prospect Jesus Luzardo has started a fundraising effort for the family of AD Chris Hixon, who was among those killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where Luzardo graduated from. (read more)

Kovalchuk scores twice as Russians blank U.S.

Ilya Kovalchuk scored two back-breaking goals as the Russians outplayed, outhit and outclassed the United States in a convincing 4-0 shutout Saturday night as each team wrapped up pool play at the Olympics. (read more)

Experts' picks for every All-Star Weekend event

Team Stephen or Team LeBron? Which young dunker will take the crown? All-Star 2018 is here, and our team is making its picks for the action in Los Angeles. (read more)

Oklahoma in freefall after eighth loss in 10 games

While Texas buoyed its tournament hopes with a season sweep, Oklahoma is battling a deep slump at the wrong time of the year. (read more)

Latest USA-Russia men's hockey clash just like it always was ... in the stands

The fans were as expected on Saturday. Brash. Chippy. Frantic. Yes, it was Team USA against Russia, and, in the stands, it felt like it. On the ice, it was something less so. (read more)

Chen bounces back, completes 6 quads

American figure skater Nathan Chen has rallied from a fiasco of a short program with a historic free skate at the Pyeongchang Olympics that included an unparalleled six completed quadruple jumps. (read more)

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A girl just moved in with me. I have spotted the first forgotten bobby pins
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Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your hand

A flexible e-skin containing a few hundred micro LEDs can display your vital signs or messages from your doctor

New Scientist (read more)

Quantum computer could have predicted Trump’s surprise election

Quantum computers can improve election forecasts by taking into account how states affect one another, allowing one to predict Trump's slim 2016 election win

New Scientist (read more)

Facebook may guess millions of people’s sexuality to sell ads

Three-quarters of all EU users may have had sensitive data inferred about them by Facebook, including things like sexual orientation, religion and political leanings

New Scientist (read more)

CRISPR has fixed the genetic cause of a learning disability

CRISPR gene editing has been used to alleviate the genetic disorder fragile X syndrome, but the technique has only been tried in cells in a dish so far

New Scientist (read more)

Will a new wave of smart glasses make us ‘glassholes’ again?

A second round of mass-market facial computers looks less likely to inspire public anger than Google's Glass but it will be a fragile truce, says Jamais Cascio

New Scientist (read more)

A single atom is visible to the naked eye in this stunning photo

This photo shows a strontium atom suspended in electric fields. A blue laser makes the tiny dot visible, though it’s only 215 billionths of a millimetre wide

New Scientist (read more)

We thought gorillas only walked on their knuckles. We were wrong

Modern gorillas can walk in a variety of styles, not just the famous “knuckle-walking”, suggesting our common ancestor was similarly resourceful

New Scientist (read more)

Three photons stick together to create a new form of light

Photons don’t normally make friends, but now three have been bound together into a brand-new form of light by tricking them into acting like atoms

New Scientist (read more)

Shampoo is causing air pollution, but let’s not lose our heads

In Western cities, household products like deodorants and paints are a bigger source of air pollution than vehicle exhausts – so here’s what we need to do

New Scientist (read more)

People are slaughtering orangutans and wiping them out

The population of Bornean orangutans fell by almost half in just 16 years, and it was not a sad by-product of deforestation: many apes were killed deliberately

New Scientist (read more)

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Putin’s chef cooks up a storm

The Kremlin dismisses charges that it meddled in the election. But one of the accused is remarkably close to Russia’s president

The Economist (read more)

How the growth of cities changes farming

Soaring demand for protein is driving small and medium-sized farms to professionalise

The Economist (read more)

Robert Mueller charges Russians with election interference

The special counsel accuses agents of posing as Americans to support Donald Trump and undermine Hillary Clinton

The Economist (read more)

In the world of voice-recognition, not all accents are equal

But you can train your gadgets to understand what you’re saying

The Economist (read more)

Fending off the flood from Venezuela

The rise in migration has alarmed Latin American governments

The Economist (read more)

The importance of rethinking religious education

To improve religious awareness in England, religions may have to let go of education

The Economist (read more)

A riveting memoir of a brutal upbringing

Tara Westover made it from a compound in Idaho to Harvard

The Economist (read more)

Humans may not always grasp why AIs act. Don’t panic

Humans are inscrutable too. Existing rules and regulations can apply to artificial intelligence

The Economist (read more)

Why more British students are choosing foreign universities

The number going to study in America has risen by a third since 2010

The Economist (read more)

Frankenstein: the monster that never dies

Two hundred years after Mary Shelley first imagined him, her creature continues to be reborn

The Economist (read more)