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Players to pick or pass on in your 2017 fantasy football draft

Our panel of fantasy football analysts offers up their choices for breakouts to grab, overvalued players to avoid and more on fantasy football draft day. (read more)

2017 fantasy football top-200 PPR rankings

Top-200 rankings for PPR leagues, determined by the average of our five designated rankers and updated throughout the offseason. (read more)

Play Fantasy Football for Free

Create or join a fantasy football league for free and get expert analysis, live scoring, mock drafts, and more on ESPN

Espn (read more)

Sources: Steelers thought Bell deal was done

Pittsburgh executives thought they were going to sign running back Le'Veon Bell to a long-term contract prior to the franchise-tag deadline, but Bell declined the offer, sources told ESPN. (read more)

Scherzer scratched with another neck problem

Nationals ace Max Scherzer will miss his Friday night start at San Diego. He was said to have a problem on the other side of this neck from the issue that caused him to leave a start and then miss a game earlier this month. (read more)

Yawkey group 'disheartened' by controversy

A foundation set up by the former owners of the Boston Red Sox says it's "disheartened" that its namesake has become embroiled in the national controversy over racially divisive monuments. (read more)

Westbrook honored by players as '16-17 MVP

The NBPA released the results of the players' votes for 14 individual awards and Teammate of the Year for 30 teams for the 2016-17 season on Friday. Players voted Russell Westbrook as MVP. (read more)

Sources: Patriots fear top pick lost for season

The Patriots fear rookie DE Derek Rivers suffered a season-ending knee injury during joint practices with the Texans this week, sources told ESPN. (read more)

Arizona coach Rodriguez sued by former agency

Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez is being sued for breach of contract by Creative Arts Agency, the firm that used to represent him. (read more)

A rookie, a brother and a hail of gunfire

One year ago, Hawks guard Malcolm Delaney was celebrating his first NBA contract. Days later, his brother could barely remember his own name. (read more)

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Reflections At Twilight.

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Choosing alternative cancer treatment doubles your risk of death

People who choose alternative cancer medicines tend to be wealthier and have higher levels of education, but are more than twice as likely to die in five years

New Scientist (read more)

Why adding a drop of water can make whisky taste even better

Scotch aficionados know that adding a little water to their dram can bring out the flavours – now we have glimpsed more of the chemistry behind it

New Scientist (read more)

Why UK midwives are back-pedalling on natural childbirth

Natural childbirth guidelines may contribute to more than 800 baby deaths and injuries a year. Now the Royal College of Midwives is changing its position

New Scientist (read more)

Can a crowdsourced mega-forest offset Trump’s climate chaos?

It's an appealing idea, a vast forest to soak up the extra carbon released due to Trump's policies, but it may not be so easy in reality, says Olive Heffernan

New Scientist (read more)

Netflix vegan hit What the Health serves up lots of bad science

Campaigning vegans will change nothing if they embrace bad science and conspiracy theories when making the health case for their diet, says Anthony Warner

New Scientist (read more)

Great American Eclipse: Everything you need to know to get ready

The stage is set for the first total solar eclipse in the continental US since 1979. Here’s our guide to the best way to enjoy the spectacle

New Scientist (read more)

Can’t stop procrastinating? Try cognitive behaviour therapy

Do you find yourself doing absolutely any task other than the one at the top of your to-do list? There might now be a way to treat procrastination

New Scientist (read more)

Grown-up chimps are less likely to help distressed friends

Chimpanzees of all ages will comfort upset companions, but adult chimps do it less – perhaps because they are more selective about who they help

New Scientist (read more)

Genetic test helps people avoid statins that may cause them pain

Many people who take statins ditch them due to painful side effects. But genetic testing can help choose the right drug, minimising this risk

New Scientist (read more)

Solar eclipse will reveal the roiling fog of plasma we call home

The 21 August solar eclipse gives scientists and the public alike a chance to observe the sun’s corona, a ring of plasma that stretches as far as Earth

New Scientist (read more)

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Steve Bannon is ousted as the president’s chief strategist

He may yet prove more effective outside the White House

The Economist (read more)

Islamist terrorism in Catalonia leaves the Spanish wondering why

Two attacks kill 14 and wound over 100, but the reasons are murky

TheEconomist (read more)

Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president

U-turns, self-regard and equivocation are not what it takes

The Economist (read more)

At last Britain begins to spell out its Brexit aims

Better late than never—but the plans are not always realistic or consistent

The Economist (read more)

At last Britain begins to spell out its Brexit aims

Better late than never—but the plans are not always realistic or consistent

The Economist (read more)

The misplaced arguments against Black Lives Matter

Some on the right have called for the movement to be classified as a hate group

The Economist (read more)

Robert Pattinson has put his teen heartthrob roles behind him

“Good Time”, a gritty crime thriller, establishes him as a capable character actor

The Economist (read more)

Obituary: Heather Heyer died on August 12th

The legal assistant, killed at the far-right rally in Charlottesville, was 32

The Economist (read more)

Donald Trump blusters, Latin America shrugs

Vice-President Mike Pence discovers that an “America First” foreign policy has costs

TheEconomist (read more)

A new threat to public-sector unions is headed to the Supreme Court

Can a union charge non-members for negotiating on their behalf?

TheEconomist (read more)