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LeBron says Cavs in a delicate state following loss to Spurs

The Cavaliers lost more than just a game in San Antonio on Monday night. They lost the top spot in the East, leaving them in a whirlwind of emotions. (read more)

With $6.7 billion in public money, NFL closes stadium era

The league's stadium games haven't concluded, but Roger Goodell's goal of having 32 stable franchises in their markets seems awfully close to fruition. (read more)

How do you replace Dexter Fowler? Albert Almora Jr. and Jon Jay team up for the task

Center field is a question mark on a team with very few of them. The two Cubs sharing the job discuss the road that led them to the challenge ahead. (read more)

The Yankees now belong to Gary Sanchez

Once, he was a teenager who looked up to Derek Jeter. Today, the backstop is the face of the Bronx Bombers. Will he be their next captain? (read more)

Jason Witten shows he's all in, once again, with latest extension

Jason Witten answered any questions about his future and made clear his intention -- winning a Super Bowl with the Cowboys. (read more)

NFL teams with the most, least 2017 draft capital

The Browns have four of the first 52 picks in the 2017 draft, thanks to some cleaver trades. Here are the teams that have done the best and worst jobs of adding to their draft assets. (read more)

Most improved team in every NFL division post-free agency

The Giants get a big-body target in Brandon Marshall. Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr bolster Baltimore's defense. NFL Nation reporters weigh in on the team that gained the most in free agency. (read more)

China presents perfect opportunity

China's vast population is not the only intriguing element for the NHL's participation in the Winter OIympics, it also represents a blank slate when it comes to the future of the game. (read more)

Which NBA teams have the best management? Worst?

Which team's brass rules the NBA? This week, ESPN Forecast is rating every franchise's coach, owner and basketball decision-maker from top to bottom. Today, we unveil our overall rankings. (read more)

Meet Tsuyoshi Kawata, college football's most unlikely coach

Tsuyoshi Kawata fell in love with football while growing up in Japan and dreamed of coaching at the college level in America. How'd he land at Stanford? One knock on Jim Harbaugh's door in 2007. (read more)

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*whispers under breath* holy shit
ThisTimeLastYear @ThisTimeLastYear
The Most Savage Commercial
LongingRusted17DaybreakFurnace9BenignHomecoming1FreightCar @LongingRusted17DaybreakFurnace9BenignHomecoming1FreightCar
When the event I imagined does not proceed the way I had envisioned.
DonChacon @DonChacon
Safety Instructions
IThoughtIWasWaving @IThoughtIWasWaving
This Cell Division Time Lapse Is Not CGI
sticknpucker @sticknpucker
I finally made an album!
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Rare 'Coffin Birth' Found in Black Death Burial Site

A 14th century burial ground has yielded an uncommon archaeological case of "coffin birth," which occurs when a deceased pregnant woman's fetus is expelled within the grave.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

What Does It Sound Like On The Surface Of Venus?

There is no sound on space, but there is on other planets. Find out what it may sound like to visit Venus.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

Giant Tesla Coil, Flame Throwers, and Staying Safe with FR Fabrics

Learn about Jerry'r arm mounted flame thrower, giant tesla coil and how he stays safe.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

Combining the Science of Wool with The Engineering of Synthetics

Learn about a hoody made of PowerWool, new hybrid material that keeps you warm, even when wet like wool, doesn't stink and is super durable.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

Learn the Science of Evaporative Cooling and How Shirt Uses It to Keep You Cool

Learn how a revolutionary shirt made by Westcomb uses a Polartec's Delta to keep you cool using your own sweat.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

'Unparalleled' Number of Dinosaur Tracks Found in Australia

Twenty-one types of dinosaur tracks, among them some of the largest ever recorded, have been found on a remote stretch of western Australian coastline.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

The Healthiest Diet In The World Isn't Just About Food

Why are Mediterranean diets so healthy?

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

NASA's Plan to Use a Giant Magnet to Make Mars Habitable

NASA thinks flying a giant magnet into space could help transform Mars into a habitable planet.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

'Fiery Serpent' Parasitic Infection's Earliest Depiction Is This Medieval Painting

A study to be published by the Journal of Infection has found that dracunculiasis clearly appears for the first time in a 15th-century altarpiece on display at the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

Smog Almost Killed New York City, Here's How

In the 1950s and 1960s, a photographer captured the environmental destruction of New York City.

Seeker - Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself. (read more)

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Implants let quadriplegic man drink from mug and feed himself

A man who has been paralysed from the shoulders down for eight years has regained the use of his right arm and hand thanks to a “neuroprosthesis”

New Scientist (read more)

Parrots find ‘laughter’ contagious and high-five in mid air

Chortling parrots join humans, apes and rats in elite club of species that find fun infectious and enjoy a laugh or two together

New Scientist (read more)

Trump signs executive order to reverse Obama’s climate policies

The order targets the 2015 Clean Power Plan, which was meant to limit emissions from coal-fired power plants, and aims to relax fracking regulations

New Scientist (read more)

Edited live vaccine could stop harmful polio outbreaks

We’re on the brink of eradicating polio, but the virus used as a vaccine can evolve to become dangerous. Now a team has figured out how, and plan to stop it

New Scientist (read more)

Virtual lemonade sends colour and taste to a glass of water

A tumbler that makes water look and taste like lemonade using LED lights and electrodes could allow people to share drinks on social media

New Scientist (read more)

Mini reproductive organs in a dish mimic 28-day menstrual cycle

Connecting clumps of tissue from ovaries, the womb, and other organs in the lab has led to ovulation happening in a dish, but the system cannot menstruate yet

New Scientist (read more)

US energy systems at the mercy of cyberattack, warns report

Hackers could sabotage electricity grid or oil pipelines unless weaknesses that have built up over decades are addressed, writes former NSA inspector general

New Scientist (read more)

Baby has surgery to remove parasitic fetus growing inside him

A 10-month-old boy in Indonesia was found to have a 400 gram fetus living inside him, one of only a few hundred cases of “fetus in fetu” ever described

New Scientist (read more)

Geoengineering the sky is scary but we need to test it now

The world's biggest trial of cooling the planet by altering the atmosphere is being launched. It is crucial that it goes ahead, says Jamais Cascio

New Scientist (read more)

“They said I was peri-menopausal. It’s a miracle I got pregnant”

After several miscarriages and six unsuccessful IVF attempts, a woman in Germany is six months pregnant following an experimental ovarian rejuvenation treatment

New Scientist (read more)

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The Economist explains: What happens after Britain triggers Article 50? | The Economist

It is just the start of a long process of tough negotiation—in which Britain will be the chief demandeur

The Economist (read more)

Daily chart: Leaving the EU: How Britain got here and what comes next | The Economist

A short history of the events leading up the the EU referendum and what happens after Article 50

The Economist (read more)

Scorched earth: Donald Trump launches an attack on climate-change policy | The Economist

The "Energy Independence" order won't bring energy independence, environmental protection, or jobs

The Economist (read more)

Differentiate or bust: Europe’s future is multi-speed and multi-tier | The Economist

The EU must embrace greater differentiation or face potential disintegration

The Economist (read more)

Moving moments: Analysing brain signals to let a patient control his arm | The Economist

Implants and algorithms offer hope for the paralysed

The Economist (read more)

Playing for stalemate: The Brexit arguments work for Scotland too | The Economist

Every argument Theresa May uses against the EU can be turned against her by Nicola Sturgeon

The Economist (read more)

Russian rumbling: Anti-corruption demonstrations sweep across Russia | The Economist

The protests show opposition leader Alexei Navalny remains a force

The Economist (read more)

What a drag: Smoking rooms in airports are being stubbed out | The Economist

But some hubs remain havens for the addicted

The Economist (read more)

All change: The new £1 coin is claimed to be the most secure yet | The Economist

One in 30 of the old lot was reckoned to be a fake

The Economist (read more)

Daily chart: A new way of giving is changing philanthropy | The Economist

But concerns linger over some features of donor-advised funds

The Economist (read more)