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Led by Jose Altuve, Astros' journey to World Series shows the heart of a champion

The Astros' roster might have been assembled with a healthy dose of new-age analytics, but there's no underestimating the importance of tenacity and togetherness in their run through October. (read more)

Ex-Yankee Brian McCann comes back to bite Bombers in ALCS

A year after he was purged from New York, the veteran Astros catcher delivered a rally-starting hit in Game 6 and a back-breaking blow in Game 7. (read more)

KD, Steph ejected as Warriors drop to 1-2

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were both ejected with less than a minute left in the Warriors' Saturday night loss to the Grizzlies. (read more)

Sources: Anthem issue delays Goodell contract

The national anthem issue dominated the conversation at the NFL owners meetings to the point that other league business, including Roger Goodell's extension, has been delayed. (read more)

Dodgers open as WS favorites, but not by much

Vegas opened Saturday night with the Dodgers as favorites to be the Astros. The Dodgers began the year as second-favorites to win the championship. (read more)

Girardi mum on future: 'There's no guarantees'

Joe Girardi, whose four-year, $16 million contract is up at the end of the season, is uncertain if he will be back as Yankees manager in 2018, but said "I love what I do" and would consult with his family before making any decision. (read more)

Wade after big loss: Still searching for role

Dwyane Wade said after the Cavs' blowout loss on Saturday to the Magic that he is struggling on what exactly is his role with the team. Despite being reunited with LeBron James, Wade admited he is still "just trying to find my way." (read more)

Kansas' 21 yards lowest FBS total in 20 seasons

Kansas' 21 total yards of offense in its 43-0 loss at TCU are the fewest in Big 12 history and the fewest by an FBS team in the past 20 seasons. (read more)

Barkley, Penn State leave Michigan in the dust to start race toward Playoff

Saquon Barkley and the second-ranked Nittany Lions took it to the Wolverines from the outset, hammering Michigan's vaunted defense in a 42-13 rout. (read more)

Saturday best: Corso surfing, costume dedication

Lee Corso started the eighth Saturday of the college football season by crowd surfing through the Penn State fans at College GameDay. (read more)

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Volcanoes that spew stretchy ice could make dwarf planets bright

Something strange is happening on dwarf planets Eris and Makemake. They’re tiny and cold, but they still show surprising signs of geologic activity, like real planets

New Scientist (read more)

Google’s quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball

A mathematical leap has let IBM simulate a 56-qubit quantum computer on a traditional machine, the biggest yet on a classical computer

New Scientist (read more)

Dark energy survives neutron star crash test while rivals fail

We saw gravitational waves and light at the same moment from a neutron star merger, which means Einstein was right and some alternative theories are dead

New Scientist (read more)

Police body cams were meant to keep us safer. Are they working?

Equipping police officers with body-worn cameras was intended to defuse tense situations, but footage of brutal incidents keeps going viral

New Scientist (read more)

Scotland has banned smacking children – so should everyone else

Spanking children doesn’t make them better behaved – but it can put them at risk of mental illness, and should be outlawed everywhere

New Scientist (read more)

Dimming the sun could save corals from bleaching and hurricanes

Climate change will harm corals by overheating them and unleashing more violent hurricanes, but cooling the planet by geoengineering could reverse those effects

New Scientist (read more)

Songbird gets angry when its rivals are brilliant at singing

Male tui songbirds signal their prowess with complicated songs, so they respond aggressively when they hear a particularly good vocalist

New Scientist (read more)

A home test kit may let you diagnose endometriosis years earlier

It can take years to diagnose extreme period pain as endometriosis. The longer it goes untreated, the more it affects fertility - could a spit test change that?

New Scientist (read more)

Steep decline of wasps and other flying nasties is a bad sign

Aphids, midges and wasps are being added to the list of rapidly vanishing insects. It’s another alarming sign of a sixth mass extinction, says Olive Heffernan

New Scientist (read more)

Dogs really can smell your fear, and then they get scared too

There is an urban myth that dogs can smell human emotions, now it seems to be true: dogs can sense a person’s emotional state just by sniffing a sample of their sweat

New Scientist (read more)

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Globalisation has marginalised many regions in the rich world

What can be done to help them?

The Economist (read more)

After all but defeating the jihadists, Iraq’s army turns on the Kurds

Dreams of an independent Kurdistan are now in tatters

The Economist (read more)

At mid-term elections, Argentina chooses between sobriety and Peronism

Mauricio Macri faces an electoral test. If he does well, Argentina’s odds of prosperity will improve

The Economist (read more)

The latest AI can work things out without being taught

Learning to play Go is only the start

The Economist (read more)

Spain faces a constitutional crisis over Catalonia

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may have to set up a parallel government to stop secession

The Economist (read more)

The scope, and limits, of Austria’s Christian zeal

A cardinal and a chancellor pledge to defend Vienna’s gates

The Economist (read more)

Firms that burn up $1bn a year are sexy but statistically doomed

Five outliers - Chesapeake Energy, Netflix, Nextera Energy, Tesla and Uber - have collectively lost $100bn in the past decade

The Economist (read more)

Britain seeks friends at Europe’s top table

Europe’s leaders offer Theresa May qualified support, but tougher challenges lie ahead

The Economist (read more)

How non-disclosure agreements can protect workplace abusers

Confidentiality clauses do not impose a legal barrier to pressing charges, but victims often seek settlements that include them

The Economist (read more)

New Zealand’s Labour Party turns defeat into triumph

Another youthful leader takes the helm, even though her party won second place

The Economist (read more)