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Florida's Caleb Brantley free falls the most of draftees with off-field issues

Caleb Brantley fell much further than Gareon Conley, Joe Mixon and several others with serious criminal allegations, sinking to the sixth round.

Sporting News (read more)

Hacker Leaks Stolen ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 5 Episodes to Piracy Network

An anonymous hacker has carried through on a threat to release “Orange Is the New Black” season five episodes online — after Netflix allegedly failed to respond to the cybercriminalR…

Variety (read more)

Trump rallies his base on his 100th day

President Trump again forged his own path Saturday, hosting a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania instead of attending the White House Correspondents' dinner in Washington.

CNN (read more)

Dingo relative rediscovered in New Guinea Highlands

Scientists confirm the existence of one of the world's most ancient and primitive dog species.

ABC News (read more)

White House Correspondents Dinner Goes On, Without Donald Trump

The notoriously thin-skinned president is skipping the annual tradition, but he'll still be the butt of plenty of jokes.

The Huffington Post (read more)

Trump rallies supporters in Pennsylvania on night of correspondents' dinner

President Donald Trump is spending his 100th day in office not at the annual black-tie dinner that some say launched his bid for the White House, but with some of the people who sent him there.

CNN (read more)

'Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner' team was as thrilled about cameos as you

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Pauline Hanson's One Nation broke Queensland's electoral laws, senator says

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party is referred to Queensland's electoral commission by Senator Murray Watt for allegedly breaking state laws.

ABC News (read more)

Inside Samantha Bee's 'Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner'

The show celebrated journalism and roasted the president — much like the actual dinner.

The Huffington Post (read more)

A hacker says it has the new season of Netflix's 'Orange is the New Black'

An anonymous hacker claims to have stolen the fifth season of Netflix's hit series "Orange is the New Black" and posted most of it online.

CNNMoney (read more)

2017 NFL draft takeaways: Why more prospects will skip bowl games

Before the 2018 mocks get out, let's consider bigger-picture lessons from the past three days, including bowl game participation, trades, QBs and more. (read more)

Inquiry into GST carve-up announced by Morrison

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison orders an independent inquiry into the model used to distribute GST revenue to the states and territories.

ABC News (read more)

Parents' plea to get meningococcal W shots on national schedule

The parents of a toddler awaiting amputation are on a quest to raise awareness about meningococcal W.

ABC News (read more)

Pope pushes for diplomatic solution to avert North Korea war

Pope Francis says a third country, such as Norway, should try to mediate the dispute between North Korea and Washington.

ABC News (read more)

Donald Trump Lashes Out At 'Fake News' Media As Journalists Gather In D.C.

"A large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation’s capitol right now."

The Huffington Post (read more)

Sources: Nats' Eaton out for year with ACL tear

Nationals center fielder Adam Eaton was diagnosed with a torn left ACL on Saturday and is out for the season, according to multiple reports. (read more)

I Spy

HackerNews (read more)

Trump on 100th Day Says He's Made Good on Promise to Voters

Donald Trump said that, 100 days into his term as U.S. president, he’s kept his promise to transfer power back to the American people from Washington. (read more)

This year’s White House correspondents’ dinner weekend is really putting the ‘nerd’ back in ‘nerd prom’

Yes, there are still plenty of parties happening this weekend, but instead of gift bags and humble brags, now you get a lecture.

Washington Post (read more)

Chad Kelly Picked by Broncos: Twitter Reacts to 2017 NFL Draft's Mr. Irrelevant

The Denver Broncos added depth to their quarterback room Saturday when they selected Ole Miss' Chad Kelly with the final pick of the 2017 NFL draft in Philadelphia and made him this year's Mr...

Bleacher Report (read more)

Browns Draft Caleb Brantley, Unsure If They Will Keep Him Due To Battery Charge   

The Browns took Florida defensive tackle Caleb Brantley with the first pick of the sixth round, seemingly overlooking his recent misdemeanor battery charge for striking a woman outside a bar earlier this month. Almost immediately after drafting him, however, the team announced that they may have changed their mind.

Deadspin (read more)

Brad Kaaya Selected by Lions: Twitter Reacts to End of Miami QB's Fall in Draft

The long wait for quarterback Brad Kaaya to find a home ended when the Detroit Lions selected with the 215th pick in the 2017 NFL draft...

Bleacher Report (read more)

Donnel Pumphrey NFL Draft 2017: Scouting Report for Philadelphia Eagles' Pick

Measurables Height Weight 40 Time Arm Length Hand Size 3-Cone 5'8 1/4" 176 lbs 4...

Bleacher Report (read more)

Mark Zuckerberg Invited Himself to Dinner With Random Strangers in Ohio

On a typical, bipartisan Friday night in Ohio, Mark Zuckerberg did a totally normal human thing that anyone definitely not awkwardly going about testing the waters for a major political run would: he had dinner with a family, who didn’t know him or that he was coming, at their house.

Jezebel (read more)

Where did my blood donation go? Red Cross will tell you

Ever wondered where your blood goes after donating to the Red Cross? A new text messaging service will now tell you where it went to save lives.

ABC News (read more)

The Greatest Break In Snooker History Was Even Better Than Anyone Realized 

This week marks 20 years since the greatest frame of snooker ever played. Englishman Ronnie O’Sullivan’s 147 break in his first-round match against Mick Price at the 1997 World Championship is indisputably the pièce de résistance of O’Sullivan’s 25-year-long career, snooker’s advertisement to the world, and a YouTube and highlight show favorite in the years since. The break is famously claimed to have taken five minutes and 20 seconds, a time that has become the most famous phrase in the sport; a number as famous and as oft-referenced in the snooker world as Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak, or Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game.

Deadspin (read more)

Why the Best Shoes for Kids Might Be No Shoes at All

If you’re not ready to home school or move to a tropical, shoe-optional locale, there are plenty of opportunities to foster kids’ healthy foot development.

Parent Co. (read more)

MS-13 terrifies Long Island’s Latinos – and prompts a political backlash from Trump

The town of Central Islip is confronting both the brutal Salvadorean street gang and the fear of sweeping community deportations after a crackdown

the Guardian (read more)

The rugby buddy movie that tackles homophobia with a laugh

New film Handsome Devil has been hailed as ‘the Irish Moonlight’

the Guardian (read more)

Pope: Humanity couldn't bear war with N.Korea

Pope Francis says he worries that a military conflict between the United States and North Korea could wipe out a "large part of humanity." He urges diplomacy and UN involvement.

CNN (read more)

Ask Slashdot: Could We Build A Global Wireless Mesh Network?

An anonymous reader wants to start a grassroots effort to build a self-organizing global radio mesh network where every device can communicate with every other device -- and without any central authority. There is nothing in the rules of mathematics or laws of physics that prevents such a system. Bu...

Slashdot (read more)

Oh God, Disney's Avatar Ride Sings Now

Ever wondered what sailing down the River Styx would be like? Taking a boat into a scary and unknown world, only to be greeted by a terrifying figure signaling your impending fate? Thanks, Disney!

io9 (read more)

Clarifications and corrections 

We are happy to make clear that the Ben Whitfield referenced in our article on 6 November 2016 (

Mail Online (read more)

Joshua defeats legend Klitschko in 11-round slugfest to snare heavyweight title

British fighter Anthony Joshua defeats boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko in mammoth 11-round slugfest to clinch the WBO and WBA heavyweight titles.

ABC News (read more)