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Jackie Chan at Age 63 Coaching Stunt Actors on the...
You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
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Awesome Kids Boat Like Featured
what what...
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Gross Elephant Inyourendo WTF Featured
Ferrari brakes on carpet.
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Car Physics Surprise Funny Featured
Wait for it
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Dog Fail Waterslide Funny Featured
This bottle is going into that can...
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Awesome Lucky Skill Trick Kick Favorite Featured
Aw hell naw
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Nope Amusement Park Carnival Like Featured
This looks like fun..
German Engineering at its finest..
How do you not see a hole that big?
Hearing impaired Dancers performing Thousand-hand ...
Static electricity in a freshly-printed stack of p...
The Buck stops here.
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Pets Punny Deer Like Featured
5 stars from the Russian judges
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Fail Olympics Diving Funny Featured
Portuguese man o' war
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Biology Ocean Like Featured
This salt is more than 280 million years old, but ...
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